"Abacus education" is being reevaluated in this day and age.

Lessons that "Bring out the best in children"

Why is "abacus education" being reevaluated in this age of calculators, calculators, and computers?

In the past, the abacus was recognized as a "tool" for calculation, but now it is attracting attention as a lesson that draws out children's abilities. This is because the abacus is now recognized as the most effective tool for understanding the fundamentals of mathematics, such as the decimal system, rather than the speed of calculation.

In many countries around the world, the abacus is attracting attention as a means of "understanding the concept of numbers" and "basic arithmetic" in many educational settings.

Mirai Kids'
Abacus Course Features

Individualized Guidance

Mirai Kids offers instruction tailored to each student based on the child's age and familiarity with numbers at the time of enrollment.

For preschool-aged students, we start with understanding the numbers 0-9 using number cards, blocks, and printouts, and gradually move on to using the abacus to practice moving the beads.

For elementary school students who understand simple number concepts, we start with fingering (fingering method) for addition and subtraction using the abacus, and then move on to multiplication and division calculations.

Targeting mastery of "mental arithmetic".

Ultimately, the goal is for students to master "mental arithmetic," the ability to calculate by visualizing the abacus beads in their minds without the abacus itself in front of them.

Once students have mastered the basics of addition and subtraction, they will begin practicing "mental arithmetic" at an early stage. Using a flash calculation application, students practice instantaneously converting numbers into the image of beads on the abacus.

Examination system that can be taken abroad

In the Mirai Kids' classrooms, we actively encourage students to take certification exams. Having a specific goal, such as a certification test, gives students more energy in their daily practice.

Mirai Kids' participation in the certification exams allows students to advance in small steps, making it easy for them to feel a sense of accomplishment and boosting their confidence by seeing the results of their efforts as a certificate of success.

Abacus Course Content

Abacus course

Age RangeThere is no age limit.
(An interest in numbers and the ability to write numbers is recommended.)
Charge1 lesson A$20 (or 1,700 Japanese Yen per lesson)
Number of payment: We ask for one-time payment in term (every 9~10 weeks)
(e.g. A$200/10 weeks ・A$180/9 weeks)
Payment method: Bank, Paypal, Credit card accepted

Lesson Schedule

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Many students have got ranks in abacus and mental arithmetic!

  • "Top prize in Math competitions across Australia."
  • "I was chosen to represent my school in Math. "
  • "I received an award at school for my excellence in grades, thanks to the abacus."
  • "We did well on the national tests."

We have received such joyful comments.

The following photos show some of the students who have passed the abacus exam.