Mirai Kids is the first school on the Australian continent to introduce

What is Sokotouch?

New Mental Calculation Methods Using Tablets

SoroTouch" is a new way to learn abacus-type mental arithmetic using a tablet, aiming to acquire an advanced level of mental arithmetic in two years. By learning four types of calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) in a well-balanced manner, students will improve their ability to read and understand numbers and acquire practical mental arithmetic skills that are useful not only for arithmetic but also for everyday life.

Specialized in memorization, so efficient!

SoroTouch" is a patented technology that allows you to acquire mental arithmetic skills quickly and efficiently. In the "visual mode," the beads are colored when touched to memorize operations, and in the non-colored "mental mode," the shape of the beads is visualized in the user's mind to develop the ability to visualize the beads. If children of appropriate age practice the two modes every day, they can acquire "Soroban-style mental arithmetic," which processes calculations with images.

Continue to have fun!

SoroTouch" has a ranking function that visualizes the efforts of all students, more than 20 games, and a variety of cute characters. You can enjoy learning mental arithmetic while having fun. As you learn while having fun, you will naturally acquire the ability to do mental arithmetic. The high level of mental arithmetic ability acquired in childhood will be a lifelong asset that will enrich your children's future.

SoroTouch Course Content

Sori Touch Course

Age RangeThere is no age limit.
(An interest in numbers and the ability to write numbers is recommended.)
ChargeA$125/month, including tax (breakdown: A$45 for application fee + A$80 for one lesson per week)
(equivalent to 11,000 Japanese yen, including tax)
*Please contact us if you live outside Australia.
Payment method: Bank, Paypal, credit card accepted, automatic withdrawal.

Lesson Schedule

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Students in the SoroTouch course,
have developed their mental arithmetic skills in one year!

Some students who were stuck in abacus lessons have blossomed at SoroTouch.
Please contact us if you are not sure which course is appropriate for your child according to his/her age and accuracy.

Ann  (6 years old, 1 year of SoroTouch experience)
S2 stage

"I mastered multiplication by just touching along to the ninety-nine song!"

Kensei (8 years old, 1 year experience with SoroTouch)
S9 stage

Every day I kept at it, I got better at math!"

Riyu (10 years old, 1 year experience with SoroTouch)
U7 Stage

"I can see the mistakes right then and there, so it's easy to redo and figure out right away!"

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